UNESCO: The Devil's Disciple

From Chapter One:  In the Beginning


CONCEIVED IN SIN:   The United Nations  

The Great Conspiracy to Destroy the United States

          “There can be no doubt that there now exists a widespread understanding and agreement made between the agents of this Government and the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization to build a world government, and to make the United States a part of it, regardless of our Constitution, laws, and traditions.  This is to be done in the name of peace, but will result in the total destruction of our liberty.  The agents representing the United States may not be deliberately trying to do this treasonable work, but the best that can be said for them is that they are dupes.  Some mighty important people who are United States citizens are not only going along with this scheme, but are daily and hourly contributing all their efforts in that direction.”

                                                       Congressman Usher L. Burdick, N. D.

                                                        In the House of Representatives,

                                                        April 28, 1954  


IN THE BEGINNING                          

The sweeping authorities granted this international agency to meddle in the warp and woof of the American Constitution by UNESCO was signed in Paris in November, 1945. 

On July 30, 1946, the then President of the United States, Harry Truman ignoring his vow of commitment to the U. S. Constitution and the maintenance of national sovereignty, signed Public Law 565, authorizing U. S. participation as a member of this world government agency. 

The new agency was a remodeled, expanded, renamed International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation, created in 1922[i] by the League of Nations.  This agency had continued to function even after the League failed until it was superseded by the plotters and planners of the UN, who put UNESCO together from its remnants.

            Supposedly, Truman lauded the new agency, saying:[ii] 

“UNESCO will summon to service in the cause of peace the forces of education, science, learning, the creative arts, and the agencies of the film, the radio and the printed word through which knowledge and ideas are diffused among mankind.

            “The government of the United States will work with and through UNESCO to the end that the minds of all people may be freed from ignorance, prejudice, suspicion, and fear, and that men may be educated for justice, liberty and peace.  If peace is to endure, education must establish the moral unity of mankind.” 

Supposedly.  If anyone believes that blunt speaker Harry Truman, first elected to  the U.S. Senate through the support of the Kansas City mob, the Pendergast gang, was capable of mouthing that press agent’s encomium, they also believe in Santa Claus.   American life is unbelievable. There can be no doubt this originated with the Hiss-Acheson  Communist-riddled State Department. UNESCO in the U. S. was controlled from that agency which  had sole authority to select the 100-members of the U.S. Commission for UNESCO. The obligations of UNESCO outlined in this statement amount to a blank check to cover the country through every medium of propaganda with the fallacies of left-wing philosophy which had already been going on, but was  now to escalate, dominate, and penetrate every avenue of communication and every school room in the country. It was planned that way.  It didn’t happen overnight, of course. 

            Rhodes scholar, Arkansas ’s William Fulbright,[iii] a member of the House of Representatives,  as well as  a member of the U.S. delegation to the planning committee, appeared at the London planning conference in 1942.[1]   Somehow despite what he did and said in London , he was elevated eventually to the Senate. Fulbright was-- like a majority of Rhodes Scholars-- as time was to prove--known to have international loyalties.[iv]  Later, his loyalties were demonstrated when he used his position as Senator and a member of the U.N.’s Budget Committee “to withdraw American objections to the U.N. paying $180,000 to 11 Americans fired for refusing to say whether or not they were Communists.”[v]

But in 1942 most Americans were so devastated by Pearl Harbor and this War into which they had been plunged only a month before, few of them had given thought to what would happen after the war or  to a future world government to be known as the United Nations.  Probably they would not have approved if they had known of the planned submergence of American sovereignty into this mongrel mix of nations.  It was well known a majority (85%) of Americans had been opposed to participation in another ‘world war,’ just as they had been to World War I, but for the international opportunists among us, it was the time to strike. 

            Fulbright filled with one-world concepts picked up at Oxford went to the London conference to urge the 44 nations present to construct a specialized agency on education and culture on a much larger international scale than then existed.  Thus, the proposed United Nations Education and Cultural Organization (UNECO) was already blueprinted when notorious British scientist, Joseph Needham, appeared in London accompanied by Julian Huxley, described as “British scientist, philosopher and educator.”[vi]  Their pitch was a plea to have Science added to the mix.  Thus the new agency was divided into Education; Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Cultural Activities, Exchange of Persons, Mass Communication, Technical Assistance.[vii]

UNECO became UNESCO and Needham became the first head of the UNESCO Natural Science Department and sat on the British National Commission for UNESCO . Huxley was soon destined to become, first, the Secretary-General of UNESCO, and then,  the first Director-General

[1] It is a matter of interest to note how individuals managed to pop up on both sides of the Atlantic throughout the entire war with little or no explanation of how they made the trip or who authorized it.

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[iv] Some 20 years later when Fulbright was in the Senate he appeared there  to introduce S.B. 1367 to alter the Foreign Aid Budget which by that time was no longer “temporary” aid to reconstruction of war torn nations, but had become a permanent political weapon  in taking monies from U. S. Citizens to give  with no American controls over these funds to “supra-national money/power managers as the International Development Association, which had ‘an institutional status which places them above disputes of national interest….’.  He thought this would decrease the reluctance of ‘have-not’ nations to ‘accept’ aid from us as a kind of private charity.’ This was to be the base of a new World Government – a government with the power to reward or punish any ‘nation-state’ through its control of the world’s monetary systems.’  Why the people keep sending men like him back to the Senate is beyond belief – Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and others just like them.  From the April, 1965, Liberty Letter. 

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            At Bretton Woods , the Soviets had 12 (official) delegates, with Alexei Krutikov  their chairman. Still unknown – except to a few individuals – was the fact that most of the so-called American representatives were also on the Soviets’ side—even payroll.    On the agenda of this financial gathering were credit, capital investments, cooperative services, land tenure and education.” 

“No wonder,” Snow  mused, “this thing has been hushed up.”[i]

            An epitaph was added by Garet Garrett , economic commentator, “The ultimate purpose is political, namely to redistribute the wealth of the world in favor of underprivileged nations.”  The ultimate Karl Marx .

            Major George Racey Jordan summed up the situation a few years later:

     “Gold function normally is a true indicator of the value of a nation’s paper and credit money.... The spendomaniacs who put us on a managed currency standard do not want the market price of gold to tell the truth about the worthlessness of our money and thereby reveal the inefficiency of their management.

     “There are a great number of people conscious of the dangers facing us, but they have no inkling  of the nature of the forces involved nor where they may obtain a correct fundamental analysis of the forces that are destroying  our representative government, private property rights, and personal rights guaranteed  us by the Constitution.  We are being engulfed in a hideous whirlpool of confusion and class hatred from which, unless honest men are soon enlightened, most Americans will emerge as slaves.”

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