Keynesian Economics

John Maynard Keynes,  Fabian Socialist

from pp. 76-77:

            John Maynard Keynes, British homosexual and Fabian Socialist, collaborated with Harry Dexter White, Sovietsecret agent, and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury,  in creating the IMFand the World Bank.  A recent review on the Internet of Keynes’ early work, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936), said Keynes “unleashed the most terrifying period of government expansion and social experimentation in the history of Western man…one of the greatest threats to our freedom that we have ever weathered.  This book was a source of great evil in this century and Keynes must shoulder a significant portion of the blame for the sorry state of the West circa 1976."

            Also on the Internet, a Canadian commentary of recent vintage, remarks:

“It has been nearly sixty years since the Keynesian revolution.  The effects of the “short-run” and  ”childless” philosophy of Mr. Keynes are clear:  nearly all western governments have followed the Keynesian prescription of spending and consumption, and have run large annual budget deficits for decades.  In Canada , the federal debt is now approaching a staggering 550 billion dollars, and the country is joining the ranks of Third World nations in terms of its level of public debt (we are just behind Burundi and just ahead of Morocco).  Interest payments on the Canadian federal debt are now the largest single government expenditure.

                        “Our public debt represents our lust to consume today without thought for tomorrow.  We have in large measure, spent our children’s inheritance…We have, to put it very bluntly, practiced homosexual economics, but we have not, as Mr. Keynes expected, spent ourselves into prosperity…..”[i]

            Justices Frankfurter  and Brandeis imported Keynes  to the United States  through trickery by having him write a letter to the New York Times, ostensibly at the invitation of Times’s editors, rather than theirs.  In this way they were able to introduce Keynes’ economic theories to Franklin Roosevelt in the early days of the Depression. 

The original acquaintance of all these socialist dreamers and activists had started just after WWI when all had been involved with Wilson  and the Versailles  Treaty.  Any number of Harvardites  were included when Wilson brought to Paris  about 100 professors and lawyers to draw up a charter for world government, at the instigation of his buddy, E. M. House.[ii] 

 These relationships continued throughout the ensuing years and though many of the individuals were supposedly of different political parties, they spoke the same language and were dedicated to the same propositions, regardless of party affiliation which was a circumstance used to confuse the electorate, particularly in 1952 at the election of Eisenhower when the electorate clearly wanted a house cleaning, but it was all disguised by verbiage, and no housecleaning or policy changes ever occurred.  Even today we are still running on the same global policies, Europe first, America last.

These Paris connections from 1919 continued throughout the next fifty years, - or until time carried away the individuals. Most of the Americanswere Frankfurter’s students.  They were disappointed with the negotiations and as a consequence formed the Council  on Foreign Relations [iii], the counterpart to the British Fabian society. By 1939 these internationally-minded connivers pretty much dominated  the State Department, as well as the office of the President, Treasury, CIA,  the authoring of the UN Charter. (If you look at the membership and the policy-making positions held by CFR members in the government, you see another web.)  

All polls to the contrary demonstrating the American people did not approve or want to be mixed up with European affairs were ignored by the Frankfurter/Brandeis  “web” which mixed the U.S. into everything—particularly by writing checks on the Treasury to aid every Socialist government around the world.  

Amazing the number of webs which were in existence in Washington :  Brandeis/Frankfurter’s, the Soviet spy rings, and the CFR.  The policies were the same, only the names and the faces were different.  Yet even here there was an interlock.

[i] In The Long Run We Are (not) all Dead, Ken Ewert, The King’s Community Church , 2/6/00

[ii] Once again, the title of “Colonel” was a term of affection bestowed by the successful campaign of a Texas governor House managed.  He never served any time in the military and is not entitled to such a designation.   

[iii] There are many sources for information on this organization, but I am relying on the 1961 Report of Dan Smoot on our Invisible Government, which series of articles, contains the history and the names of those who were there and still there in the year of the writing, 1961.


from pp. 79-80:


Ropke sums up the UN/Keynes -based plan:

“This sort of international collective planning cannot be brought about by the free cooperation of democratic nations, since international planning presupposes an international state able to give and enforce its orders like a national state.  Such an international state is utterly utopian and impractical.  For, in order that the plan may work, it is necessary that it be a collectivist international state, whose inevitable centralism cannot tolerate any kind of international federalism. Yet everyone, including the socialists, agree that an international federation is the only way in which, at best, we could hope for an international state in our life-time.  So much for the illusion.

            “International planning thus becomes possible only under the kind of international dictatorship  which Hitlercalled “Grossraum.”  Then, however, it would be a nightmare, and surely for the authors of the UN  Report no less than for all of us.

                “It would, therefore appear that not only the present plan but also any other attempt, however ingeniously contrived, to get out of the impasse of national “full employment” by the machinery of planned international adjustment, is a snare and delusion.  There is left only one course:--to admit that “full employment,” in the extreme sense of the Report, is not feasible and to be satisfied with a less ambitious, more reasonable and better balanced program of economic stabilization…….

                “….what wrecked the world were the same political and unmoral forces which undermined the liberal international order itself….The first step…is to combat current fallacies on “full employment” and to present convincingly the case for stable high employment, by free, natural, and genuine equilibrium, both nationally and internationally.”

Several years later Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist with the World Bank, made revelations on its abuse of power and its corruption which, in particular, caused Russia  to be stripped of  “its industrial assets, with the effect that the corruption scheme cut national output nearly in half causing depression and starvation.” Many say this, not the administration of Ronald Reagan, was responsible for the Russian eclipse.  Keynes and White  must be turning over in their graves to find their offspring, the International Monetary Fund  and the World Bank have created havoc in the land they both loved so well, though neither of them chose to live in Russia .

 Stiglitz  made his opinions public in an interview  on the often hidden work of the IMF  and World Bank and the bank’s 51% owner, the United StatesTreasury. Because of his failure to keep quiet, Stiglitz was in ill repute with the Clinton  administration.[i]

            Stiglitz  was fired in 1999 and not allowed a ‘quiet retirement’.  Clinton’s agent, Larry Summers demanded public ex-communication.  No wonder the Soviets disappeared from being a major player, calling the tune to which the U. S. State Department’s foreign policies had been dancing pretty much since 1920—despite how much taxpayer money was funneled into the corrupt, sinister, malignant Soviet  regime, a tally beyond estimation.

            Stiglitzoutlined the techniques used to bankrupt nations in Asia and So. America as well.  “interest rates ..driven up to 30, 50 and 80%  The result was demolished property values, savaged industrial production and drained national treasuries.”   The end result when food and fuel prices soared out of sight was riots.  Secret documents of the Bank indicate this result was anticipated!

            Journalist Greg Palast interviewed Stiglitz and wrote that IMF-  sponsored riots (dispersed with bullets, tanks and teargas) ended with national assets available for picking by foreign corporations.  No wonder Stiglitz had to have police protection when he was in the United States!

[i] Free American, May 2002, Greg Palast