“Never before in the history of any nation has there been such tolerance and accommodation of treason as now exists in the United States —history shows no parallel.

Dr. William D. C. Douglass letter to the  Secretary of the Treasury, August 1967

   “The dirty little secret is that Republicans today are as addicted to globaloney as Democrats, as committed to the global redistribution of America ’s wealth as Democrats are to its domestic redistribution.  Here, in Washington , we are all collectivists now.  ….Since 1991, the biggest boosters of foreign aid…and over $100 billion in grants, loans, and back door aid through the IMF and World Bank have been Republicans who claim to be heirs of the same Barry Goldwater who thundered in 1960 that taking money from U. S. Citizens to give to foreign governments is unconstitutional.”

                                                       World Bankers Are Stealing Us Blind,                                                                Patrick Buchanan, Feb. 12, 1960                                                              Orange County Register Column

Part I, Chapter Two  

 The Little Foxes Eat Our Grapes

  • from pp. 20-21 

    John Howland Snow  had recognized that if it walks and talks like a duck, it  must be a duck, when looking at the product of Dumbarton Oaks and Bretton  Woods. While Snow at that time in 1946 was appalled at what he saw coming out of the conference, he was also puzzled that “education” was included on the agenda on what was supposed to be a conference to solve the postwar world’s financial problems.  Later, he was to recognize it for UNESCO , but at the time was more concerned with the financial  rape of the U.S. in progress.  By 1952, however,  in collaboration with a 17-year member of Congress, the Hon. Paul Shafer  (MI), John Howland Snow published a thorough analysis of the UNESCO and its place in the American education system.[i]

    Alger Hiss ’s[ii] denouement as the arch traitor was still in the future when the 730 delegates and staffs from 44 countries were elegantly and generously wined and dined for three weeks under his direction at these two preliminary conferences. He was as much in charge as he was to be later at the San Francisco conference  for the UN  organization still ahead, where he was also to direct, staff and take star billing.

    Ostensibly Dean Acheson  headed the American delegation (at least 43 to 47 of whom were members of the CFR  but was quartered in a hotel 4 miles away; and although he put in midnight hours, the show belonged to Alger Hiss,  the great deceiver, liar and traitor.    Hiss  didn’t miss a trick, yet he did allow Acheson  to believe that he was in charge of the whole affair. 

    Dr. Bella Dodd  as the Communist  head of the New York Teachers Union  described the care taken by the "comrades" in preparation for meetings, “…the teacher who was non-Communist didn’t have a chance really of expressing her opinion or of really being heard…One of the things that we did was, before every executive-board meeting, unless we were absolutely sure that we had no opposition, even where there was no opposition, just for clarity among ourselves, the Communist members of the executive board met together in advance, went over the agenda, decided how to clear away the obstacles, and how to achieve the end which we were trying to achieve. We caucused not only before executive-board meetings, but before membership meetings….”[iii]   

                One particular  technique worked out to control organizations by meeting secretly in advance and strategizing and manipulating, assigning each person his role was well known to union leaders, wherein the subverters would sit in the ‘diamond pattern.’ Their behavior would appear from different locations and give the appearance of spontaneity. 

    [i] The Turning of the Tides, Snow & Shafer, The Long House Publishers, 1952

    [ii] Despite the testimony of many individuals who came forth to say they had been in the same Communist  cell with Hiss ,  the left continues to maintain the fiction that it isn’t so.  Russian documents of more recent years by Weinstein and Vassilav identify Hiss “as a member of Soviet  military intelligence network in the mid-30’s.”

    [iii] page 516, Subversive Influence in the Educational Process, March 1953, U. S. Senate Hearings


  • from pp. 22-23



Duggan  was reportedly ambivalent about his espionage .  He was questioned in December 1948 about Alger Hiss ,  by the grand jury probe in New York .  It is just as possible, based on Soviet  defenestration techniques and reputation for getting rid of embarrassing personnel, that Duggan  was pushed off, as that he jumped or “accidentally” fell from his 16th floor.”[i]

Little known but highly influential Maurice Halperin,  Harvard  graduate, became consultant to  Economic & Social Council of the UN  (parent agency to UNESCO ), was liaison to the Department of State , had open doors into the Secretary of State , as well as the American delegation to the U.N   

Halperin appeared before a Senate Committee on March 20, 1953 .  He took the 5th Amendment over and over again as to his activities and associates. [ii] 

Halperin was then employed as a Professor at Boston University   Previously he was one of ten thousand people transferred into the State Department, from OSS  by Truman’s order at the close of WWII .  Despite protests over the technique, no security checks were conducted even though it was widely known OSS employed many Communists .  He brought with him, he said, approximately 50 other people into State from OSS, which became the origins of the CIA,  the untouchable secret agency which even Congress is unable to scrutinize, particularly its expenditures..   

Subcommittee Counsel Robert Morris  directed questioning of Mr. Halperin: 

Mr. Halperin,  were you a member of an espionage  ring, Communist  espionage ring that was directed by one Elizabeth Bentley  and which operated during the war?

Mr. Halperin:  I refuse to answer that question, sir……”

Halperin continued to refuse to answer questions on his Communist  party activities under the 5th Amendment.  Mr. Morris  then posed another question:

“Now, while you were Division Chief in the Office of Strategic Services  from September, 1941 to October, 1945, and while you were with the Department of State  from October, 1945, to June, 1946, were you during that period of time a member of the Communist  organization?

Mr. Halperin: I refuse to answer that question, sir, for the same reason.

Mr. Morris : Did you ever act in the capacity of Chairman of a Special Joint Army-Navy Intelligence Project under the direction of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?”

The record showed not only that he did,  but also lectured at the University of Virginia at the Military Government School .  Counsel Robert Morris  then asked Halperin the critical question if he participated in the United Nations  Conference in San Francisco .  Halperin confirmed he did. 

“And were you during that period of time a member of the Communist  Party?

Mr. Halperin:  I refuse to answer that question for the same reason.

Mr. Morris :  Now, in that capacity, did you prepare and submit memoranda on human rights, genocide, status of refugees, and related matters to various United Nations  bodies and special agencies such as the IRO and UNESCO ?

Mr. Halperin:  I believe I did, something like that….

Halperin continued relying on the 5th Amendment, particularly because Elizabeth Bentley   said he passed information during World War II, thereby committing treason

Five days later Nathaniel Weyl ,[iii] a self-confessed member of the same Agriculture Department cell as  Alger Hiss,  testified Halperin’s membership in the Communist  Party was as “the representative of the Texas -Oklahoma district of the Communist Party .[iv]

 Halperin’s government work record was submitted by Research Assistant Benjamin Mandel  for the Senate Subcommittee which covered: in part:   Participation in United Nations  conference on International Organization, San Francisco, 1945; United Nations consultant, attended sessions of major United Nations bodies; maintained liaison with the delegations of the member states and with officers of the United Nations Secretariat; that he prepared and submitted memoranda on human rights, genocide, status of refugees, and related matters to UN  bodies and agencies such as IRO and UNESCO.


Whose side was he on?

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[iii] In 1960, Weyl authored Red Star Over Cuba , The Russian Assault on the Western Hemisphere , published by Devin-Adair.He was described as a social scientist as well as an economist and writer who knew communism from practical experience.

[iv] pg. 714, Subversive Influence in the Educational Process, March 30, 1953 , SIS


  • from pp. 88-89


  It is long after the fact  that recognition of the saturation of American government with Soviet  loyalists has been publicly disclosed.  Much is left, however, that probably will never be disclosed since the Left does not wish the gloss to be removed from Roosevelt  and Truman .  

            Shortly after Pearl Harbor  White  was put in charge of a $2 billion fund to support the Allies’ currency.[i]  White was in control of America ’s international financial dealings from then on.  Morgenthau  wrote him a letter charging him with responsibility for ALL international financial matters.

            Defector former members of Communist  spy rings have said they always knew there was someone of paramount importance in the U. S. government – and agreed it may well have been Harry Dexter White .  His role as head of the American delegation at Bretton Woods  cannot be overestimated.  What was Treasury doing with UNESCO  and the American educational system?  Karl Hess  said there was a hidden “give-away” in the IMF  founding documents which gave $1,200,000,000 to Stalin .[ii]

            And, in fact, Major George Racey Jordan,  Lend-Lease  liaison officer to the Russians at Great Falls, Montana , in his story of that strange relationship in which the Reds carried off everything but the kitchen sink and tried to take that too, tells of a conversation he had with Colonel Kotikov  on June 13, 1944, in which the Colonel lamented the loss of  “the money plane” which he said, offering no proof, crashed in Siberia on its way to Russia .  Everything on board, Kotikov  said, had to be replaced.

            Jordan did not believe it could have been anything but paper money, NO ONE had ever been given U.S. engraving plates;  however, the Russian Colonel assured him the plane had carried engraving plates, colored inks, varnish, tint blocks, sample paper, and similar materials—everything to reproduce money, the real thing, not phony Monopoly-type money.  Kotikov   insisted, so a replacement plane was  loaded and sent.  Jordan was shocked.  He couldn’t believe it. Nor could it be shown that the original plane had actually crashed, but that more likely, this was a scheme to bilk the gullible U.S. of a second set.

            Unknown to Jordan ,  in Washington the Chief of the Bureau of Engraving  tried to prevent this, but White  had Morgenthau  draft an order to hand over the plates to the Soviets.  The Russians were very clear about the terms under which they would accept this loan, the plates or nothing.

The U.S. rep groveled before them, begging the Reds to accept this “gift” from the American people—there had already been some $11 billion in military aid to Russia , plus $51 million in textiles.  From this, it is reported, $220,000,000 of American currency was printed in Germany and used by the Red armies to buy supplies.  These bills were all redeemable at the United States Treasury.  Kiss those dollars goodbye.

          Russian and German black markets would offer 100 marks for an 8 cent pack of cigarettes from the Post Exchange.  This was $10.00.  “Standard offer for a five-cent candy bar was 50 marks ($5.00).  Major Jordan commented, “$18 for one pound of Crisco; $20 for one K-Ration; $25 for a pound of coffee; and $2,500 for a wrist watch which cost $17.  A lot of G.I’s got rich.”[iii]

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