In the Prescence of Our Enemires


       The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows how stupid he is.

       Ecclesiastes  10:2, NIV

  • from pp. iii-iv

    The 19th century gave us three enemies of God:  Darwin, Marx and Freud  It took the 20th century, however, to provide opportunities, individuals and groups to propagate their anti-Christian concepts – among these were the “gods” of the progressive education movement, Dewey, Counts, Rugg, et al., whose writings are flooded with demands for a revolution based on “production for use and not for profit”—as well as minus all reference to a “higher authority” which had hitherto been basic to Americans. When Horace Mann began his campaign for public education based on the Prussian model, Dr. Charles Hodge of Princeton , predicted such a system would become “the greatest engine for the propagation of nihilism the world had ever seen.”  And so it has become.

    Traditional educators who sought to teach the “Three R’s” along with an honest history of the United States , the origins and documents of its government, held the Progressivists at bay for a century.   A. G. Rudd, writing in 1957 for the New York Chapter of Sons of American Revolution, described what was happening as the “revolution in education,” saying

    “The New Education has been imposed on the nation by a small minority of willful educators.  They have sneaked it into our schools while the overwhelming majority of parents, busy with the task of making a living, has not been aware of what was going on.”[i]

    Further, said Rudd, “The New Educationists frankly proclaim that their aim is...set upon the building of a new social order and the schools...are to spearhead the job.”

    [i] Bending the Twig, 1957, Sons of the American Revolution, A. G. Rudd, foreword


  • from pp. x-xi

    In 1951 alarmed citizens began repeated appearances before the Los Angeles City School Board  to protest the intrusion of UNESCO into the City’s education system.  Attention had been called by Florence Fowler Lyons, who, although educated as a teacher, was researching and writing radio scripts when she stumbled onto UNESCO materials and was alarmed enough to share her knowledge.  She had the documents bearing the imprimatur of UNESCO/U.N. that substantiated every claim she made as to their intentions. 

    So alarmed was Florence by what she found, she spent the rest of her life studying UNESCO-UN documents, writing about her findings on a regular basis and appearing before Committees of Congress. The American Legion honored her  and her work which resolved into a regular factual column in numerous newspapers around the country. She never minced words. It was she who first  called public attention to Benton 's "collective brain" speech and applied this to the U. S, National Commission for UNESCO, riddled with leftists of deep Red hues.. 

    After hearing Florence speak, I, too, became alarmed, acquired many of the same documents and became one of those persons who appeared before the City School Board. (See picture attached.) After several trips before the School Board, two years later in 1953, I acted as secretary to the “Emergency Citizens’ Committee Against UNESCO in Los Angeles Schools.” I was under an illusion that all that was necessary were a few red-blooded Americans to stand up and put the matter right.

    Florence had called attention to UNESCO’s basic background material, The Towards Understanding Series, The E in UNESCO, The ‘S’ in UNESCO, not to mention Developing Human Relations in the Classroom, among other UNESCO material  created for  American public schools (at that time admittedly the best schools for the greatest number of students ever seen in the world) – not for the hitherto-uneducated third world nations,1 many of which had never had schools (and, in fact, many such nations did not even exist at the time) and consequently were considered illiterate.

    We who acquired these documents found they spoke a strange language and the philosophy expressed therein was inimical—not only to our form of government and free enterprise, which sprang from the American Revolution—but to Christ and those who follow Him, as well as inimical to the morality always generally conceded to be foundational to our society from the time of the signing of the Mayflower Compact.  Even as British socialist Harold Laski admitted,  the Christian faith underlay capitalism and private business, yet, he said, he was happy because the Russians had a “new system and a new faith to replace them.”[i]

    UNESCO’s proposed techniques cannot be distinguished from those of Communist William Z. Foster, who prophesied:

    “…studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology.  The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism, and the general ethics of the new Socialist order…

    “Our teachers must write new school textbooks and rewrite history from the Marxian point of view….

    “There will be no place for the present narrow patriotism, the bigoted nationalist chauvinism that serves so well the capitalist war makers.”[ii]

    So UNESCO was not far behind the Communist leader when in 1946 the U.S. Commission for UNESCO after a conference in Paris, attended by some of America's most outstanding lefties, William Benton, Chester Bowles, Milton Eisenhower, etc., reported:

    "The United States delegation will also press for a conference to rewrite the world's textbooks, so that old, ultranationalistic misunderstandings would not be passed on to school kids; international exchange of students, teachers, artists, scientists, international agreements to end restrictive copyrights, censorship, etc., a study of the cause of national misunderstandings; a worldwide war against illiteracy."

    [i] See the character study on Harry Dexter White for the entire quotation, Part I

    [ii] Calif. Senate Investigating Committee on Education, 1949

  • from pp. xxx-xxxi

    John Foster Dulles[i] while he was Secretary of State. under Eisenhower was an implacable foe of Senator McCarthy,  as was his predecessor,  Dean Acheson, under Truman.  And what was Senator McCarthy’s crime in protecting the United States ?  The people who opposed him were all friends of the elite.  It was during Dulles' reign that Senator McCarthy spoke to the Wisconsin GOP on the occasion of their Lincoln Day Dinner (February 9, 1957).  At that time Senator McCarthy spoke on a subject which reverberates today --The Senate was considering the "Atoms for Peace" program and like all these matters few members of Congress take the time to READ the actual documents involved. 

    As Senator McCarthy pointed out, this "program" was giving away the bank -- the bank of fissionable materials from which bombs are constructed--that is, the nations with technical know-how and atomic materials were to give both to the nations who did not have them.  This arrangement set up the international agency to "act as a kind of international broker to receive the atomic information and material from the 'haves' and distribute it to the 'have-nots.'"

    To which the Senator remarked,   this "is in a class with the chicago Police department offering to share its pistols and sub-machine guns with the Dillinger mob."  Such was the thinking of the "Internationalists" and it has prevailed to the present day.  McCarthy pointed out the President had already promised 5,000 kilograms of Uranium-235 to the Agency for distribution plus an additional 15,000 over the following three years--provided a similar amount is given during that period by all of the other nations of the world combined. There were no strings attached.  No other nation had made any commitments whatsoever, nor were they required to.  The cost of this give-away back then was roughly 1/2 billion dollars out of the taxpayers' pockets into which the politicians pluck without hesitancy on a continuing basis.  These were military materials capable of making at least 550 bombs!  Would that we had men to match our mountains guiding the country.

    Dulles, descending from a  family originating in England apparently did not leave their elitism behind when they migrated, and had long been committed to world government.  He spent years in the liberal National Council of Churches.side by side with Alger Hiss.  Not many people know how close Hiss was to this “church” agency in association with Dulles who  defended Hiss when his treachery became public. When Hiss  was under the gun, Dulles put Hiss into the presidency of the “Carnegie Foundation for Peace.”  Dulles went on record in support of “global governance” when World War II was only a month old, long before there was ever any public discussion of organizing the United Nations.

     He outlined the entire program—a program which was eventually to receive the huzzahs of the Communist press, and which became the identical program of UNESCO which has, step by step, come to pass—never mind whichever political party was in power. 

    Whatever “party” has been in power, the “program” has continued, bringing the United States nearer and nearer to the end of our Republic’s brief life, until we are finally and at long last publicly confronted with the drive for world government out of New York.

    The “Dulles Plan for the United States was reported by TIME  on March 16, 1942, in which Dulles said a just and durable peace required:  (Read it and weep)

    “1. Ultimately, world government  of delegated powers.  2.  Complete abandonment of United States  isolationism.  3. Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty .  4.  International control of all armies and navies.  5.  A universal system of money, so planned as to prevent inflation and deflation.  6 .  World-wide freedom of immigration.  7.  Progressive elimination of all tariff and quota restrictions on world trade.  8.  Autonomy for all subject and colonial peoples. 9.  No punitive reparations, no humiliating decrees of war guilt, no arbitrary dismemberment of nations. 10.  A democratically-controlled international bank to make development capital available in all parts of the world.”

    What follows is the story of UNESCO: who founded it, what its goals and aims were, and how we have lost  to its advocates.  But first, a brief exploration of the fulfillment of Dulles’ last plank in his program, the IMF and the World Bank, which also came from the same cradle at the same time.  These were fathered by the same motley crew, and their goals are the same:  to drain us by taking from those who have to give to those who have not – Marxism on a global scale.

    Now for the facts.

    [i] Dulles had been a founder of the CFR shortly after WWI and clearly had no allegiance to the maintenance of American sovereignty. George Washington had once instructed his staff to “put none but Americans on guard tonight” and in that respect Dulles did not qualify.  As will be developed, Dulles was dedicated to the concept of world government.