Socialists in Tandem

 from pp. 105-106:


             Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter,  both justices on the Supreme Court of the United States of America,  schemed and plotted together to make great changes in our system, although both of them contrived to conceal their extra-judicial activities which, according to one biographer, was just as much or even more than before their appointments to the Court.[i] Not only did they share an association with Harvard Law School, but both were active in the early Zionist movement and were influential in England in bringing about the Balfour Agreement to establish a homeland in Palestine for Jews, which has led to continuing Middle East unrest to this day. 

            Among their first collaborations was that of the cause of Sacco and Vanzetti, anarchists and icons of the extreme left.  In the end, when the defense team came to  Brandeis  for a stay of execution, he refused lest he be forced to reveal his partisanship.   This case became a cause celebre for the left who even today insist the men were innocent of the charges of anarchy and were wrongfully executed.  Brandeis  believed “that our individualistic philosophy could no longer furnish an adequate basis for dealing with problems of modern economic life, ….he[ii] envisaged a cooperative order ….Brandeis  feels the Constitution must be given a liberal construction….”[iii]      Woodrow Wilson placed great reliance on Brandeis’ advice, which included backing the plan for the Federal Reserve System in 1913.                     

            Anarchists,  fleeing the chaos of Eastern Europe had as extra baggage all the bitterness, hatred for authority and revolutionary concepts they developed as conspirators over there,  took up here where they left off there, where destruction, bombing and assassinations  had become a way of life for them.  Their emotions were fueled by greed and envy—wanting the perks of the upper classes,  envious because of their lack, and seeing no way to acquire those perks except by destroying those who had them. Some chose to create a battle for the mind, subversively preaching Marx’s philosophy to those who were most vulnerable, using the opportunities not available to them elsewhere to destroy that which was new and good. 

             They were brainwashed and incapable of recognizing the United States offered a new way, however imperfect and still evolving.  Their mirror images are still among us, using whatever excuse they can find as an outlet for their anti-civilization emotions.  The record is clear:    the purpose of anarchy is to the creation of chaos and confusion, no matter how good the form of government, their need is to  upset  the status quo, whatever that may be. From chaos and confusion dictators spring.   

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from pp. 108-109:


            Frankfurter was a founder, along with Paul Warburg,  not only of the ACLU, but of the Foreign Policy Association and the “liberal” magazine, The New Republic ,  to which he often contributed “anonymous” law reviews. 

            As early as 1934 Congressman Louis T. McFadden (PA), said that the Foreign Policy Association, “working in close conjunction with a comparable British group, was formed, largely under the aegis of Felix Frankfurter and Paul Warburg, to promote a ‘planned’ or socialist economy in the United States, and to integrate the American system into a world wide socialist system.  Both were members of House’s (Edward Mandell House) Council on Foreign Relations.” [i] 

             Nearly fifty years ago, columnist Westbrook Pegler  wrote[ii],  “The present Supreme Court of the United States  is a low-grade outfit, not only by comparison with some courts of the past, but on the records of its personnel.” (Too bad Pegler isn’t here to give us an opinion on the present Court!)

            For his authority, Pegler  turned to Carl Brent Swisher, Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins, published in the Virginia Law Review of the University of Virginia, whose career as a teacher of political science and a student of the Constitution dates from a hitch at Columbia, in 1930, down to the present, except for two years as an assistant to the Attorney General under the New Deal. 

            Swisher, says Pegler, wrote:

‘The Supreme Court looks back upon two decades of bizarre behavior.  It stands exposed as a power group, competing with other groups wielding political power in our society.

 “That is why so many lawyers say confidentially they just can’t advise clients with any confidence on the law and the Constitution…..’Many of the individual Justices have joined in debunking what Federal Circuit Judge Jerome Frank has called ‘the cult of the robe,’ to the end of revealing not only that the court is a power group but that individual justices are themselves competitors for power and the individual prestige of determining the course of legal rationalization.’”

           Pegler added:    “The Professor then goes into ancient situations in which litigants who lost accused the Court of playing politics and brings us down to the actual packing of the Court by Roosevelt, even though his Court-packing plan was beaten in Congress. 

           This plan was so consistent with the plan which Col. E. M. House set forth in his revolutionary prophecy, Philip Dru, Administrator , that I truly believe that Roosevelt got it from House who was his adviser early in the New Deal.  Pegler also reminded his readers about a book written on House by George Sylvester Viereck who was an “intimate confidant of House”, entitled The Strangest Friendship in History, published in 1932, revealing private codes used by Woodrow Wilson and House “when they were making their undeclared revolution against the republic of the United States.”[iii]

           Pegler continued his report on House’s great influence on Franklin Roosevelt which began when Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy in the first World War.  Later Roosevelt had  lengthy correspondence with Winston Churchill which was also written in a code which Pegler described as “puerile.” The secret correspondence between Roosevelt and Churchill was described by a Member of Parliament (June 16, 1944):  “The Prime Minister (who at the time referenced was not yet Prime Minister) was soliciting military aid in the event this country was going to war.....Churchill still was carrying on this campaign behind the back of his Prime order to find out the strength of American support and whether America could be depended upon to come into the war.”[iv]  Churchill’s correspondence behind the back of his Chief of State began in October, 1939, shortly after Kent was appointed to the Code room in the American Embassy, and it was here that Churchill said:  I am half American and the natural person to work with you.  It is evident we see eye to eye.  Were I to become Prime Minister of Britain we could control the world.”

           The remarks of the Member of Parliament were revealed in the Senate by Senator Henrik Shipstead of Minnesota, June 19, 1944, who thought it significant the subject was raised in a debate in Parliament:  “I think that is significant.  It is not gossip, it is official, and therefore I feel it my duty to call it officially to the attention of the Congress of the United States, because it is a reflection on the integrity of the Government of the United States, whatever the British people may think of their present Prime Minister.”  Senator Shipstead asked, “How could Mr. Churchill obtain possession of our code?”  (This was taking place at the same time Roosevelt was pledging not to send American youth into “any foreign wars.”  Churchill (April 16, 1945) in the House of Commons relayed there were 1,700 messages in toto.  A Labourite (John McGovern) also told Parliament that  “Roosevelt had promised Churchill even before Britain entered the war that America would come to her aid.”  This correspondence passed through the hands of the American code clerk, Tyler Kent verified such correspondence had taken place, and Kent was secretly imprisoned in England for 3 years as a consequence though he had committed NO crime against England.  Kent was from an upscale family whose father had spent twenty years in diplomatic service.  A graduate of Princeton and the Paris Sorbonne, Kent spoke French, German, Greek, Italian and Russian, and before service in London  served six years in Moscow.  Much of Kent ’s strange case was relayed by the fearless journalist Pegler.

            Pegler turns once again to Swisher’s remarks:

 “Justice Frankfurter writes multiple concurring and dissenting opinions in cases in which he is not chosen as the spokesman of the court.  He often does so in a tone to imply that of all the justices only he knows the state of the law.  His performance must be exceedingly irritating to justices who have the temerity to believe they know something, not only about the law but also how to state it.”

            Pegler continued:  “I also interviewed a justice right there in the temple itself, who blurted an obscene word in exclaiming his opinion of Felix  Frankfurter.”

            Soon after WWI many members of the still fledgling government of the United States  recognized the meretricious, but subversive nature of anarchism, and began a “red” purge, which even then brought howls of protest over the deportation of the revolutionaries.  Then, as now, those who wished to maintain the republican form of government as inherited were put down as “extreme” right, ill-liberals if you will.   Clearly there were among the immigrants to whom hospitality was extended those who did not wish to enjoy the privileges but, rather, were  more intent on destroying their hosts.   

            If you have house guests who abuse their welcome by destroying your household, interfering with your amiable relationship with family members and preaching immorality, would you continue to give them house room – or throw them out, bag and baggage?  There is an ongoing denial, however, even unto now (2003) that Communism was a highly organized politically subversive movement dedicated to the overthrow of the American republic.  Even this year a PBS history on the FBI sneered at J. Edgar Hoover’s “fight against Communism, ” implying it was overblown rather than the criminal conspiracy it was, directed by Stalin from Moscow against a country whose treasury he was milking at the same time.

            Theodore Roosevelt on December 19, 1917, addressed a letter to Frankfurter stating that Frankfurter’s attitude “seems to me to be fundamentally that of Trotsky and the other Bolsheviki leaders in Russia; an attitude which may be fraught with mischief to this country….you are engaged in excusing men precisely like the Bolsheviki in Russia, who are murderers and encouragers of murder, who are traitors to their allies, to democracy, and to civilization, as well as to the United States.”[v]

            Nearly 40 years later (1956) Frankfurter, according to former Communist Party executive, Manning Johnson ,  used a “propaganda-packed Communist Party brief as the basis for his reasons to block attempts to have the Communist apparatus declared an agency of a foreign power.”


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