The Revolution Was

Part I, Chapter Four


   from pp. 94-95:

              Western civilization  is on the skids.  Done in by the men who operate in power positions behind the scenes.  There are many such.  And to their ranks, we can add the street anarchists, the product of American high schools, the druggies, the gangs that control city streets after dark, the hedonistic society whose only interest is watching  sex and gore on the TV and movies.  When Osama bin Ladin , America’s most hated name, called America “the great Satan,” he had probably been watching the Jerry Springer  show or perhaps some of  Springer ’s  TV clones,  or even possibly some of the trashy sitcoms which litter the boob tube  highlighting the dregs of our society.  Pastor John Hagee  once exclaimed, “ America is a moral sewer!”  Who could argue with that?  Now after sixty years of control in the public schools by UNESCO, not to mention the graduates of those schools who are running the show from Washington .

            Whittaker Chambers, on  abandoning Communism   to which he had dedicated so much of his life,  remarked  that he was now on the losing side:  He, too, foresaw the decline of Western civilization .  Chambers, in 1961, shortly before his death wrote: “It is idle to talk about preventing the wreck of Western civilization.  It is already a wreck from within….”  And, Chambers  suggested, "we might bury some relic of our social order…which in ages hence might be dug up to give evidence that there were those who at the great nightfall took loving thought to preserve the tokens of hope and truth.”[i] 

            The tragedy  Chambers  saw so clearly because he had been a part of it for a long  time and withdrew in horror,  was progressing  to that inevitable downfall due to the active connivance of men who should know better in this movement back to barbarism, while their bastard offsprings-- the UN,  IMF, World Bank,  and UNESCO,  play primary roles and honey drips from their  tongues while the blood of millions drips from their fingers!

            Did the citizens of Rome  recognize the empire was on the skids while it was occurring?  Did they try to prevent the downfall?  And what about the Greek Empire, or the Mayan civilization, or even the Anasazi, the ancient people whose cliff dwellings dot the arid Southwest? How about the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians?  Where did the people disappear?  What events triggered the fall of their civilizations?  Were there cataclysms, droughts, or mere inertia?   Did hundreds or even thousands, wander disconsolately looking for food and shelter until their energies gave out and they died where they fell?  We know almost nothing about some of these former civilizations.

            We do know about the Greek and Roman Empires.  When moral decadence, degeneration and debauchery became a way of life, they joined the long list of the also-rans. Coliseum soil was saturated inches deep with the blood of Christians  used as entertainment for the unthinking masses who were only interested in whiling away a few more hours of their dreary lives. 

            Today the decline of civilizations[ii] around the world occurs almost unnoticed, the significance lost to the viewer of the nightly news inundated by more immediate, more intriguing  stories of murder, kidnapping, fatal traffic accidents, the latest ball game scores, the orgies of college students on spring break, Hollywood personalities, women vying for attention with their next-to-nothing clothing, their bed-hopping, and pregnancies by a variety of male studs, their boasts of their homosexuality or lesbianism, along with the unrestricted invasion of  illegals who bring with them their primitive cultures and hatred of restrictions placed upon their behavior  by the demands of a higher civilization.

[i] American Mercury , pg. 65, Winter, 1968

[ii] Adrien Krieg writing about The Truth of It All, in Free American Magazine, May, 2002, said:  “Virtually no one in the world of the 21st Century understands that they are individually and jointly financing the demise of all nation states.  That the people themselves are directly paying their monies that the elites need to finalize their takeover of all nations of the  world…The result of this is a concentration of power in the hands of a few multi-national corporations, capable of directing affairs in every nation of the world.”


from pp. 101-102:

           In 1995 a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported the cost of foreign aid over the last 50 years was $2 trillion!  Cliff Kincaid , reporting on this fiasco in Media Bypass Magazine,[i] said the NGO ’S wanted to loot America’s wealth which would include giving them control over American lives as they gained power and wealth, while Dr. Michael Coffman declared, “The Kyoto Protocol is nothing more than the greatest massive income redistribution plan ever conceived in the mind of a socialist.  Annan would also create what is called 'green accounting' to integrate the environment into ‘mainstream economic policy’ to make sure all human activity and development is ‘sustainable.’”[ii]

           The office of the American Ambassador to the UN  declared the U.S. delegation in opposition to global taxation, but the final document emerging from this conference didn’t sound very adamant.  It contained language giving leeway for “exploring innovative sources of finance.”  The UN raised this concept during the Clinton  Administration which the GAO published in 1996.   With global taxes obviously there has to be a global IRS, which requires not only a world court to try tax evaders, but a world police force.  Kincaid  points out the ICC (International Criminal Court) will have “universal jurisdiction, even over countries that don’t sign or ratify the ICC treaty.”

            Kincaid  warns  his readers of an international coalition containing China  and Cuba, Iran, Iraq  and North Korea  which was then  pushing for more foreign aid, including global taxes on the American people.  Castro  entertained former President Carter, a fussy senile old meddler now a private citizen with no more right to contract with foreigners than the rest of us (forbidden by the Constitution), and he also pushes for global taxation to establish a fund for Third World  nations in excess of $1 trillion yearly from Americans.  How long until the U.S. becomes one of them?  Even deep pockets have limits.

            Worse, however, is the attitude disclosed by UN  personnel towards the United States .  Kincaid  reminded his readers of a speech by UN Secretary-General  Annan  at Notre Dame  hailed by the nation’s press.  Annan, neither for the first time nor the last,  “accused the U.S. of having a ‘shameful’ record on sharing with the world’s poor.”   He said “the U.S. is one of the least generous in terms of the share of its gross national product it devotes to helping the world’s poor.” 

            This from a man who “knew that genocide was being planned in Rwanda in 1994” and not only did nothingbut sent a fax prohibiting UN troops from seizing the caches of weapons stashed for the massacres.  The same fax ordered confidential information on a witness be turned over to the Rwandans who were  planning the genocide.  The informant and family disappeared, presumed dead.  This from the man who likes to attend parties in New York . This was, of course, in the Clinton-Albright era.[iii]   Kincaid  said Annan  was only looking at the State Department ’s AID program, ignoring other forms of aid flowing from American coffers. 

            A GAO report for February, 2002, tells a different story: U.S. costs for “U.N . peacekeeping” were $224.2 billion, money  not credited to the U.S. All the while we were told we were in “arrears,”  causing Rep. Roscoe Bartlett to submit a bill, UN  Erroneous Debt Act, arguing the UN owed us money.  The GAO report covers 1996-2001 only,  while estimating  another $3.45 billion contributed directly to so-called UN peacekeeping.

           Hence world banks to destroy us financially, integrating our monetary policies into a network from which we cannot escape without total ruin, and UNESCO, to destroy our “rugged individualism” through mind conditioning in the schools.

           In order to understand what went on in the creation of the organizations at Dumbarton Oaks, Bretton Woods  and San Francisco, it becomes necessary to look at the personalities of the individuals involved there, as well as their philosophies which they had been weaving throughout their days in government employment.  They were totally convinced that national sovereignty  must be surrendered to an international socialist super world organization, to which all problems would need to be surrendered. 

           The globalists either ignored or mocked the fact that by Gallup Poll  85% of Americans  were against American intervention in another European war.  From 1912 on,  the globalists  determined to bring us into both WWI  and WWII  by fair means or foul, by underhanded duplicitous methods, whatever it took.  They were also determined to increase their numbers, to clone “themselves.”  This great effort began at the time of Woodrow Wilson, coupled with the failure to get the United States  into the League of Nations . 

           Years later individuals involved in that failed effort came together in the era of Franklin Roosevelt . Working behind the scenes with their goals known only to themselves, they managed to spin their webs.  Eventually so many of the protagonists of this viewpoint were disseminated throughout high government offices, that any effort to formulate a dissent became impossible.  Their elitism knows no boundaries.  They believed themselves to hold the key to world peace – at least, that was the excuse they used. They believed that anyone who didn’t agree with them was in the way, and this would justify whatever lies, deceptions, or other ruses were necessary to either silence that individual, put them somewhere useless, or get rid of the person by any means possible.   You think it can’t happen here – but it has and there are many case histories to prove it.

           “Government” doesn’t DO anything.  PEOPLE in government DO:  make things happen, formulate policies and see they are carried out.  We need to consider just a few of the individuals involved to illustrate how global thinkers took over surreptitiously, without regard to the foundational philosophy of our government and the men who formulated it, changing the policies and subsequently the future of the United States  which has now become the present in which we live. 

           Americans   under the age of 65 and importees of any age are unlikely to have any background by which to make judgments on how it once was and how it ought to be, inasmuch as the globalists have been in control in Washington  pretty much since the days of Roosevelt , and for the most part those members of Congress capable of mounting any dissent have pretty much left the scene.  These were the people who were able to put the IMF, the World Bank,  UNESCO, the ILO,  the WHO  and all the other global agencies which are to make up the nucleus of the New World Government in place and keep them functioning in the background,  while we pretend the representative republic  fashioned by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is still our guide. 

           Two major operators in Wilson’s day were Felix  Frankfurter  and Louis Brandeis .  They created a clique of their own.  Their collaboration and influence was one of the best kept secrets in Washington .  They spun webs no spider ever knew.  Like black widows, the web they spun was designed to kill off the system in which they labored, replacing it with one more to their liking, one fashioned along the lines of Fabian socialism, the system they both admired.

[i] Media Bypass, May 2002, Global Taxes for Global Warfare, Cliff Kincaid

[ii] U.N. Prepares World Leaders for Global Governance, Michael Coffman, Ph.D., May 17, 2000

[iii] The National Educator, Reed Irvine , June, 1998