Debt Slavery

“There has probably never been devised in our Nation a more actively functioning propaganda machine than the one which is operated by the advocates of a free-spending foreign aid program.  There are powerful pressure groups pushing this program seeking spending far in excess of the needs justifiable by the facts of record.

“Large numbers of our highest paid bureaucrats and their subordinates are working without letup to convince Members of Congress and the American people that the foreign aid program is indispensable and that ever more funds are required to support it.  Representatives of numerous foreign nations are exerting extreme effort to influence larger contributions for their particular countries. And, disappointing as it certainly is, many of our own Nation’s big business firms, with profitable contracts through the program, are strong advocates of everlasting, bigger spending foreign aid.”

   Congressman Otto E. Passman, (LA), American Mercury, May, 1958



“…this Conference brought corporate CEOs to the global political table where they debated sustainable development as equals with foreign delegates…multinational corporations are now working in partnership with government……at this Conference, an increase in Official Development Assistance, which comes directly from our tax dollars, was the primary goal.  …The U.N. is never at a loss for ideas in order to further their goals of wealth redistribution, and is using the poor and currency volatility as reasons why a global tax is needed.”

Joan Veon , March 26, 2002 , following the conclusion of the Financing for Development Conference, Monterrey , Mexico , published by World Net Daily Internet


from pp. 63-64:


Homosexual Economics

             Chaos and confusion reigns half-a-century after the creation of the World Bank  and the IMF  (sister agencies of the UNESCO , ILO,  UNICEF, and half a dozen other alphabet agencies of the proposed world government), which operate on the same philosophical level, free of any control by anyone anywhere. Bank aristocrats keep meeting at various cities around the world where they are often met by civil disobedience.  Almost from the beginning Congressional leaders and executives in the U.S. have turned a blind eye on these twin institutions which are the third largest employers in the D.C. area, even as the banks’ achievement records show a 70% failure rate, leaving protests against their debt-enslaving procedures to the wrong people.

            These “money laundering schemes” are the product of schemes hatched even before WWII  became a “done deal.” Soviet secret agent high in American Treasury Harry Dexter White  proposed a “Stabilization fund” in 1942 which became available to John Maynard Keynes  in London  who was favorably impressed by it as following along the lines of his own 1941 proposal.  Well, why not?  White had long been an admirer of Keynes.

            White’s plan seemed to be “the same as Keynes  had been pursuing…he did, however feel the White plan would be helpful only to countries that had a gold  reserve and would provide assistance to them in proportion to that reserve……”the stabilization fund was designed to correct the mal-distribution of gold……”          

            Where would two new banking institutions, international in character, get gold  unless it was given to them?  One of the most curious aspects of these two agencies, designed by two top Marxist philosophers,  inimical to the philosophy foundational to the United States, and despite their clearly Marxist origins, they garner as much support from the American right as from the left, and are rarely criticized by either.


from pp. 66-67:


Michael Irwin  was  a 32-year employee of the UN  who left there and went to work for the World Bank.  He survived  one year in the glitzy rarified air of the Bank.. Unintentionally he nearly touched off a new world war.  Irwin  was a victim of a new class of warfare in the “peace” organization.    What touched off the hatred against  him, was a trip he made to East Africa .  Instead of flying First Class, Irwin  chose to go Business Class and thereby save the Bank $1900 in air fare.   

Word got around.  He didn’t go First Class!   The criticism was severe and finally Irwin  wrote a letter to the Bank’s monthly publication, saying he believed “there are no important advantages to flying first class.”

The in-house editor told Irwin he had never published anything that touched off so many angry responses among Bank employees. One employee was so furious, he wrote,  “My family and I will not feel safe again until Mr. Irwin  has been replaced by someone who really cares.”[i] 

Because he didn’t go first class?  Because he saved the bank $1900?   Frugality on expenses is clearly NOT a hallmark of Bank employees, even up to the executive level.

Irwin  says  World Bank’s buildings are  equipped with well-endowed meeting rooms,  yet Bank executives go elsewhere for meetings because they like to travel first class.   The “frequent flyer” miles they rack up for these trips in the course of their daily business becomes their own for personal use.         

Only a year later Irwin  quit  because of the uncontrolled excesses and extravagances he saw.   Shades of Marie Antoinette!   There is NO governing body supervising World Bank’s expenditures.  World Bank staff enjoy generous perks not available to the ordinary bank employee in the general public.  At the time of this writing all salaries are tax free, no expense account vouchers are required for their many trips overseas for which they also receive extra fees.  They are liberally gifted with trips home,  for which they receive a very nice travel allowance for themselves and family members for whom they have only the best insurance coverage, both health and life. 

A suggested per diem  allowance for travel has been vigorously resisted by management.  There is, after all, no reason to account for the costs of travel to anyone.  Other  financial  perks to the international bureaucrats are extensive.  The purse they raid, grinning all the way to the Bank, their bank, is yours.  This was only the beginning of their arrogant demands on taxpayers’ purses.

Irwin, who functioned as the head of the World Bank’s Health Department, summed up his complaint: 

“The Bank staff, living and working comfortably in the Washington area and venturing forth in luxury, with first-class flights and hotels, are out of touch with both the realities and the causes of poverty in the Third World .  World Bank  staff, who deal almost exclusively with ministers and senior civil servants on their ‘missions,’ are simply bureaucrats talking confidentially with autocrats, getting only information that the borrower governments want the Bank to have.”[ii]

At the same time, the Bank’s staff  is forever trying to catch up with perks extended to its rival, the workers at the IMF , which apparently gets more of everything.  One executive indicated such work as is done could be done with half the staff (more than 6,000 employees), 90% of whom are stationed in Washington, D.C.   This was a position Julian Huxley had taken with regard to UNESCO employees stationed in Paris a few years earlier and after he took formal leave of the agency, about the only criticism he ever made of any branch of the new world order.


[i] Pg. 157, 50 Years Is Enough, the Case Against the World Bank  and the International Monetary Fund ,   Ed. Kevin Danaher, South End Press, Boston , MA

[ii] pg 5, Introduction, 50 Years is Enough, Ed. Kevin Danaher, 1994, South End Press, Boston


from pp. 67-68


Those who recently took to the streets to protest the Banks and  were given such short shift by the police and American press have legitimate reasons for protesting the Bank.[i]  The sad part of it is, so do all Americans , but most of them are totally unaware of why they should.  The Bank, after all, is far removed from their everyday lives and seems to have no relation to their own wages and life styles.  They are blind to the gold  hemorrhage which has taken place, continues to take place, and threatens to impoverish us at some point in time in the future. 

As previously mentioned, even our so-called “former enemy,” Russia  is not immune from this economic rape, according to testimony of one witness, Anne Williamson,  before the Banking Committee of the House,  on September 21, 1999 . 

            Williamson is the author of a book, Contagion:  The Betrayal of Liberty , Russia , and the United States  In the 1990s   her testimony indicting the Bank and the IMF, also indicted the U.S. Treasury, the Harvard  Institute for International Development, and the Federal Reserve.  Williamson said  “taxpayer-subsidized globalism (then) is not a new phenomenon, but it has reached an apogee of sorts under the guiding hand of the opportunistic Clinton  Administration.” 

She continued, “When the IMF touted a 1996 $10.2 billion loan on the basis of what an extraordinary job Russia had done in meeting the conditions of a 1995 $6.7 billion loan, one crucial detail went unmentioned.  The $6.7 billion loan was extended without any conditions via the IMF’s Systematic Transformation Facility, a program designed to funnel money to Russia in return for ‘the promise to reform’Also left unsaid was that through the magic of money’s fungibility, the $6.7 billion loan financed – almost to the kopeck – Yeltsin’s bloody and disastrous assault on Chechnya.”

Following these loans and the 1995 elections, in 1996 the Fund proceeded with another loan of $10.2 billion, “front-loaded with a billion dollars meant for Yeltsin ’s re-election.”  One perk from this, Williamson told the House Committee, was a $700- million annual deal with Tyson Chicken  protected “from a threatened 20 percent tariff increase.”  Tyson has been a long time political and financial crony of Clinton .[ii] 

Clinton ’s Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers  demanded the head of the World Bank ’s Chief Economist, Joseph Stiglitz in 1999, when he  revealed  U.S. meddling in Russia’s so-called election in 1995—among other secrets of the global meddlers.   Stiglitz ,  in a 2002 interview with  reporter Greg Palast ,[iii]  revealed “the real, often hidden workings of the IMF,  World Bank,  and the bank’s 51% owner, the U.S. Treasury.” 

 Stiglitz  was not shy about reporting the U.S. . Treasury wanted Yeltsin  re-elected and “US-backed oligarchs stripped Russia’s industrial assets, with the effect that the corruption scheme cut national output nearly in half causing depression and starvation.”  So Russia abruptly disappears as a world power. Had you ever even noticed?

Russia  was not the only country, of course, to suffer the indignities of  IMF  and Bank policies which  squeeze the last “pound of blood” out of the people of the nations who turn to the banks for aid, and when the nation is down and out and the banks turn up the heat, riots explode as happened in  Indonesia,  Bolivia,  and Ecuador, as well as others.   The country’s assets are up for grabs, and the “people” are poorer than before.

Palast  commented, “You’d almost get the impression that the riot is written into the plan.”  And then, he said, secret  documents in his possession support the conclusion  the Bank callously expected “social unrest,” as a consequence of their actions.  Those on IMF ’s “side” are equipped with bullets, tanks and teargas – just like the Hungarian 1956 uprising of brave people who went up against the Soviets with bare hands and received no assistance from the United States, repeated in the years’ later episode of the students in Tiananmen Square. 

Palast  says Stiglitz  is “particularly emotional over the WTO’s (World Trade Organization, almost indistinguishable and interchangeable with the two Banks) intellectual property rights treaty (it goes by the acronym TRIPS).  It is here, says the economist, that the new global order has ‘condemned people to death’ by imposing impossible tariffs and tributes to pay to pharmaceutical companies for branded medicines. ‘They don’t care,’ said the professor of the corporations and bank loans he worked with, ‘if people live or die.’”

We  who live in the United States  can sit back and commiserate with the unhappy residents of these 3rd World  Nations who scrabble in the dirt for roots to give their starving children, but can our turn be far behind?   

Davison Budhoo , another former employee of the IMF ,  agrees the  two banks  wreak havoc on the Third World  which is “in an accelerated spiral of economic and social decline”---which decline is  “linked directly to the World Bank  and the International Monetary Fund.”  (Throughout all of Julian Huxley’s writings was an almost paranoid refrain about population control.  As he saw it, some method of bringing the world’s population surges to “manageable” levels had to be invented.  Was this it?  Was this why the UN did nothing about the Moslem genocide against Christians in Rwanda ?)

[i] Even sadder is the fact that most of these “street” protests have been for many years highly organized by people who have been schooled in how to create diversions.  Testimony before Senate/House Committees have disclosed the techniques of the left in creating incidents, especially, for example, with relation to the so-called San Francisco Berkeley “student” uprisings which were actually stimulated by agents brought in from outside, along with a high percentage of  University professors in sympathy –nor was the only event of its kind, and the adroitness of making the police look like the ‘bad guys’ were honed and refined here or even the highly organized ruckus and disruption of the Democratic Chicago Convention.

[ii] The relationship of Tyson and Clinton  was explored by the British  reporter Evans -Pritchard in his blockbuster book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton .

[iii] The Globalist Who Came In From the Cold, World Bank  Insider Speaks Out, Greg Palast , Free American Newsmagazine, May, 2002, pg38


from pp. 68-69


Budhoo   walked away from the agency “in disgust over what he called the Fund’s ‘increasingly genocidal policies.’[i]—Budhoo  has  since written a number of books based on what he experienced during his tenure there. The cash  “loans” to impoverished nations seem mostly to end up in the hands of improvident politicians of those nations  in secret Swiss bank accounts, NOT in projects that create better living conditions for the impoverished residents of the country.  Yet the money from Congress just keeps going and going into the hands of the superspenderbundists.

Ranchers along the Mexican borders of New Mexico , Arizona,  Texas and Southern California  would probably be shocked and disbelieving if they were told their massive problems created by the nightly invasion of hordes of would-be immigrants could be laid at the door of these two supranational monetary pirates, especially since anything the ranchers do in self-defense brings down upon their heads the combined wrath of the Feds and the Mexican government.  Budhoo  says,

“IMF -World Bank  programs come with other requirements.  Governments are generally forced to remove subsidies to the poor on basic foodstuffs and services such as rice and maize, water and electricity.  Tax systems are made more repressive, and real wage rates are allowed to fall sharply—in Mexico  during the 1980s, the real wage rate declined by over 75 percent.  Today, in that country, a family of four on the minimum wage (and over 60 percent of the employed labor force is on the minimum wage) can buy only 25 percent of its basic needs.”[ii] 

Even the most primitive illiterates have the same needs for food and clothing, they bleed even as we do, their hearts beat the same number of times, they have the same passions and emotions toward the children of their loins as do those with more opportunity to assuage those needs.  They are like dumb beasts in the fields, without sanitation, running water or other amenities which are basic to modern life.  The new president of Mexico, Vincente Fox,  however, even before his election,  demanded  sanctions against border ranchers, plus open borders which he stated he planned to seek in Washington —along with more money. 

Without resort to Congress, Clinton, playing the role of the omnipotent king who answers to no one,  rescued Mexico  from possible bankruptcy when he “found” an hitherto unknown fund left from the days of Roosevelt, so he said, blithely handed it over to the Mexicans—whatever did the money get used for-–besides paying off the American banking houses which made the  loans  on which the interest was due, but which was about to drive Mexico into bankruptcy?  So Clinton  gave the Mexicans the money to pay the interest on American bank loans.

Budhoo  paints an even bleaker picture of the circumstances in Africa , Asia and Latin America because of genocidal policies of these two agencies.   Life in these regions under circumstances created by these parasitical organizations never makes the news.  At every meeting, Budhoo claims, the big powers “enhance rather than diminish the powers of these bodies.” He claims these agencies will never be done away with “because these institutions are too important (to them) as instruments to achieve their economic and political objectives.”

[i] pge 20 Ibid

[ii] page 20, Fifty Years Is Enough, Ed. Kevin Danaher


from pp. 69-70:


A now inactive Web site, The Winds, asked of IMF/World Bank  policies, “how is it they created a slaughter of such catastrophic proportions?  Could it be they meant well, but made a grave error?”

And answered their own question:  “It is doubtful that they made a mistake in Rwanda  because the same scenario is repeating itself in most of sub-Sahara Africa , resulting in the slaughter of tens of millions of Africans in the last 25 years.  Since this is evidently a deliberate policy, what could the motive be for creating such a catastrophe?” 

Indeed, what could be the motive?  No one looked to the program and beliefs enumerated by UNESCO ’s first Director-General , Julian Huxley  who worried endlessly about the “over population” of the world and how to curb it, a belief echoed by his longtime admirer, Margaret Sanger, who was very frank in her earliest writings, about the need to control population growth among the “coloreds” of the world.

Neither did anyone bring up the subject of Lenin’s desire to reduce world populations by ¾, as long as the other ¼ was Communist .

This is why the protesters took to the streets—as usual, however, it was the wrong people demonstrating for the wrong reasons. Is it possible that anyone taking a job in the Congress of the United States  could long be out of the loop about these money and bloodsucking groups – designed as they were by enemies of State and Nation?  How could the record of the Bank and the IMF  be anything but devastation in whatever country in which they have functioned and it not be known to those who keep giving them the money to go on, especially when confronted by a failure rate of 70% among the projects undertaken?   

The Bank/IMF  were sold to the American Congress as an aid in the restructuring of nations after WWII . Never mind THE WAR was  long over.  Never mind that most of African/South American countries were far removed from the scenes of warfare.  Never mind the Marshall  Plan, UNRRA,  Lend-Lease, direct foreign aid, the State Department’s  AID and all the dozens of other foreign aid excuses for bankrupting the middle class American. ---They needed another give-away program and Bretton Woods  and Dumbarton Oaks  provided the setting for these serious Marxist plotters.  Not only did “they” need these financial octopi, but “they” needed the dumbing down of the future American voter, so they would be ignorant of their history, unable to recognize propaganda, and morally decadent as well.   Hence UNESCO . [i]


[i] The education program developed from Lenin ’s visit to Ivan Pavlov  in October, 1919,. when he asked Pavlov  how human behavior could be controlled.  As a result of this meeting Pavlov ’s laboratories became out of bounds as he and his co-workers sought the answer through experiments of conditioned reflex.  Lenin had complained to Pavlov  there had been too much individualism in the Russia  of the past and told Pavlov  he “wanted the masses of Russia to follow a pattern of thinking and reacting, along Communistic lines.”  The meeting was reported by Boris Sokoloff  in which Lenin outlined his idea that “human behavior can be controlled by proper education.”  The belief was, said Dr. Sokoloff,  that “By conditioning his reflexes, man can be standardized, can be made to think and act according to the pattern required.”  Thus, the population of the whole world can gradually be transformed into “standardized masses, thinking and behavior in complete uniformity.”  It is being put into practice on a gigantic scale unknown in the history of the human race.  The White  Nights, Boris Sokoloff , 1956, Devin-Adair, pg 68-75